The Development Partnership (TDP) is one of the UK's leading management consultants, providing consultants, trainers and coaches operating at all levels in both public and private sectors. We offer high quality training and development services to clients throughout the UK and the Middle East.  Our Director Ms.Judith Barton is an Investors in People International Assessor and Specialist.

TDP is an ILM Centre offering a range of coaching, leadership and management programmes in Europe and Dubai.

TDP offers a complete service from the development of Awards structures to their assessment process, calibration and recognition.  TDP specialises in transparent and open judging, using our high calibre team members and industry specialists to apply their knowledge to each situation.  Their support services include confidential feedback, professional development and one-to-one coaching

We recognise the importance of equipping individuals and organisations with the skills and knowledge required to support a culture of sustainable excellence.  Our approach focuses on advancing personal achievement and developing organisational success, to ensure our clients excel anywhere in the world.